The Creative Monopoly

As a young man, Peter Thiel competed to get into Stanford. Then he competed to get into Stanford Law School. Then he competed to become a clerk for a federal judge. Thiel won all those competitions. But then he competed to get a Supreme Court clerkship. Continue reading

Soviet Moon Mystery Solved By NASA, 50 Years Later

While the United States was fighting to get a man on the Moon by the end of the 1960s, the Soviet Union was working hard to return a sample of lunar soil as part of the robotic Luna program. Some missions were successful and others weren’t, but for decades no one was really sure why. That’s changed: Last week, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter photographed the remnants of two Luna missions, Luna 23 and 24, and almost 50 years later is helping solve the mysteries these missions opened. Continue reading

That’s Why You Don’t Have Any Friends

Yesterday, I was at the gym.

…Don’t worry. This isn’t a gym story. This is a story about a boy who needed to hear something important. But it happened at the gym. So that’s why I started with the bit about being in the gym. If you were hoping for a gym story… Well, you could call this one if you really wanted to. And if you hate gym stories, you don’t have to worry, the ones calling it a gym story are just really desperate for a gym story. Continue reading

Living the American Dream

After 22 looooong years of living in Pennsylvania, I finally became a U.S. Citizen on April 19th. This post is dedicated to my American friends to give them a glimpse of what it’s like to grow up a non-citizen and have to earn it.

My little brother is American and when the Persian Gulf War started, two U.S. Ambassadors personally came to our door to escort us out of Kuwait. We were going to be transported to the U.S. to keep the family safe and given an hour to pack two suitcases. We left everything else behind and were driven to the airport where we boarded a plane to Philadelphia. Years later, I discovered my parents were given a choice in where to live, with San Francisco and Florida among them. My Dad settled on Philadelphia to be close to his younger brother who resided in New Jersey. Continue reading